What will be my legacy?

What will be my legacy?

How will I be remembered?

Reflecting on your legacy after death is a deeply personal & complex experience. Emotional bumps are expected on the journey.

How do I:
  • Deal with apprehension, uncertainty & panic?
  • Fight the fear of being forgotten?
  • Balance my personal desires & family expectations?
  • Preserve my memories & contributions?
  • Pay for my burial?
  • Reconcile Estate management & Donations?
  • Make my traditions respected?

What will be your legacy?

What is your legacy after death

Take the financial burden off your loved ones.

Give your loved Give your loved ones a little extra help during a difficult time.

What is A Final Expense Coverage?

Final Expense Coverage, also known as final expense life insurance, is a type of whole life policy designed to cover medical bills & funeral expenses after your passing. This insurance is particularly favored by seniors. Key features commonly found in burial coverage plans include:

Whole Life Insurance:

The coverage remains in effect as long as the premiums are consistently paid, offering lifelong protection.

Cash Value:

The policy accumulates cash value over time, allowing the policyholder to potentially take out a loan against it. Fixed Premiums: Premium amounts remain constant as long as they are paid, providing stability and predictability.

Simplified Issue:

Typically, there’s no requirement for a medical exam (life insurance exam). Instead, applicants answer health-related questions on the application. Easy Application Process: The process of applying for this coverage is straightforward and user-friendly.

Fast Approvals:

Approvals are swift, and coverage can often be granted within a few days.

Affordable Rates:

These plans usually come with reasonable and budget-friendly premium rates.
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  • Most people qualify, even with prior health issues.
  • More affordable than you think — perfect for people on fixed incomes.
  • Join over 1 million Americans who have chosen Final Expense.
  • Up to $55,000
  • Funds can be used in any meregency

A Final Expense Coverage is a guaranteed & permanent Whole life insurance.

The coverage designed to help provide protection for your family by locking in benefits that can help pay for end-of-life expenses, as well as cash value that can be accessed in an emergency.

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Burial insurance

What is Burial Insurance

Getting burial insurance is a practical way to feel more confident about what happens after you die. You don’t want to leave bills that your loved ones have to worry about. If you’re a parent, you might worry that your kids will have to delay going to college if you die unexpectedly. Or you might be concerned that your family will need time to decide if they want to keep living in the same home. All these worries can cause a lot of stress.


But there’s a way to ease those worries. Instead of leaving your loved ones with stress and problems, you can do something to help. Buying burial or funeral life insurance can give you peace of mind. Even if you’re not there, you can still support your family by securing their finances with money that can be used for important things.

After you get burial or funeral life insurance, make sure your important documents are easy for the responsible person to find. Having a plan to pay for final expenses can be very reassuring during a difficult time.

What is Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense insurance, is a special type of life insurance. It helps cover the costs of things like funerals and other expenses when someone passes away.

Unlike plans where you pre-pay for funeral services, final expense insurance gives the person you choose the money to use where they need, not just for specific funeral stuff. Funerals can be expensive, and this insurance can help with the costs of the funeral, any remaining medical bills, legal fees, and other things.

Final expense policies usually have a lower value than regular life insurance policies because they’re meant for a specific purpose—to cover final costs, not take care of a family for a long time. You typically don’t need a medical exam for these policies, but if you’re older, the payments are higher. Also, if you have serious health issues, there

Funeral expense

Not interested in a Final Expense?
You can also opt-in for those options:

Prepaid Cremation

A prepaid cremation is a type of arrangement where an individual plans and pays for their cremation services in advance. Instead of leaving the decision-making and financial burden to their loved ones after their passing, individuals can work with a funeral service provider to make arrangements for their cremation.

In a prepaid cremation plan, individuals typically specify their preferences, such as whether they want a memorial service, the type of urn they prefer, or any specific requests regarding the disposition of their ashes. The funeral service provider then outlines the costs associated with these choices, and individuals pay for these services ahead of time.

The primary benefits of prepaid cremation include easing the financial responsibility on family members, ensuring that the individual’s wishes are honored, and potentially locking in today’s prices for cremation services, protecting against future cost increases.

By opting for a prepaid cremation, individuals have greater control over their end-of-life plans, providing both practical and emotional relief for themselves and their families.

Away from home repatriation

Pre-planned (pre-paid) funerals

A pre-planned (pre-paid) funeral is when a person makes arrangements and pays for their own funeral before they pass away. Instead of leaving these decisions and expenses to their loved ones, individuals take care of the details in advance. This often involves working with a funeral home to plan the ceremony, choose burial or cremation options, and decide on other details such as the type of casket, memorial service, or location.

People opt for pre-planned funerals for various reasons. It allows them to have more control over how they are remembered and reduces the burden on their family during an emotional time. By pre-paying for the funeral, individuals can also lock in the costs at today’s rates, potentially saving money in the long run as funeral costs tend to rise over time.

Overall, pre-planned funerals are a way for individuals to ensure that their wishes are honored and to provide peace of mind for themselves and their families.

Preplanned Funerals are underwritten by WorldWide Funeral Homes & National Guardian Life.  

Funeral Homes

Away from home funeral assurance.

Directly with Funeral Homes… The AFH system coordinate the transportation of the deceased to the funeral of your choice while keeping family & loved ones updated during the process. Body repatriation or Mortuary shipping are commonly used to refer to the repatriation or shipping of a deceased person’s body and are underwritten by Sepio Guard & NMS.
Away from home repatriation

Mortgage Coverage